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From Rs 22,000 To 200 Crore Empire, The Success Story Of Tushar Is Inspiring Millions!

| Published on July 9, 2020

All goods things take time, honesty, and a pinch of hard work – The story of Tushar Mittal and his venture Studiokon Ventures (SKV) is what defines the above statement.

Before you start wondering about it, SKV is a renowned brand name which was established in 2011 to become a Rs 200 crore turnover company in 2020. However, it is not the high-end revenue that surprises one the most, it is the background and the company’s history that is worth a read.

What’s the inside story?

The founder of SKV, Tushar Mittal has had a difficult and struggling childhood. Being born to parents who ran a Kirana store in a village in Rajasthan, his education started in a local school. His financial standing forced him to abandon studies and join the family business, with his dreams of further education long lost.

However, the zeal that Tushar had, often said to be the reason for the success of his venture, pushed him to go Kota, have a part-time architectural gig when was just 17, and to use mere Rs 22,000 rupees to start his journey away from home.

With time and an educational loan, he went on to finish his engineering and land a job at DLF. The desire to take risks and fulfill his dreams, a rare trait, led Tushar to finally establish Studiokon Ventures in 2009.

Studiokon Venture – A checklist to know

With his previous Architectural experience and his PGDM in Construction Management, Tushar went all in with his savings of Rs 12,000 and launched SKV in Gurugram.

What makes the company unique is that it didn’t take any external funding over its first 11 years, and managed to become a Rs 200 crore turnover name. Along with that, it has more than 250 employees, has designed 200+ offices, and can proudly boast high-value clients like Amazon and Google.

Why did SKV win big?

The ideology behind SKV was also to have a separate factory in Manesar, where all fit-outs are made off-site, ensuring top quality of services by the company.

With this USP in the bag, even though there were many challenges in terms of finding the right people, managing delivery time, lack of funding, and vendor management, SKV sailed through the wind.

This is the reason why their first Fortune 500 Client – Emerson was highly impressed with their services and the final touch, allowing Studiokon to now have many high-end clients.

The past vs The future

Everything wasn’t happy in paradise over the past 11 years of business for the founder and the employees. The finances were troublesome, especially in 2012 when business was still slowly growing and in 2017 when it was expanding. In both those years, too many clients made work tough and staggered slow payments made it tougher.

But then again, fast forward to 2020, the business is thriving. They have their own technology for online presence along with a launch-ready for their own furniture. The company is now not just a service provider, but also a manufacturer.

The experience of 11 years and the trust of customers, has allowed SKV to foster relations and understand the market better. There is no doubt about the victory of its expansion plans but we can’t wait for what’s more to come!

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