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From Not Having Any Idea About Gmail To Becoming Alphabet’s CEO: Sundar Pichai’s Journey At Google

| Published on December 7, 2019

Sunder Pichai has had tremendous growth in the last two years. He was already doing great as the CEO of Google but he succeeded in becoming the CEO of Alphabet, as well.

  • He began with a VP position and has come a really long way! It is a big and required a change in the company. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, co-founders of Google have not been of many contributions when the company needed them in challenging times.
    Larry even mentioned that Google and Alphabet do not require two CEOs and a president.
    Sundar Pichai
  • Sundar Pichai did not have a lot to answer when he was being interviewed for VP position in Google but today he is the boss of two really big companies which are Google and Alphabet.
  • During his interview back in 2004, Pichai had been asked about Gmail and he did not know much about the product as he didn’t ever use it. He thought that it was some kind of an April Fool’s Joke. He had been honest in his entire interview, whatsoever.
  • Later on, the interviewer showed him what Gmail was and he must have said something that had impressed the panel because he got the job.
    Sundar Pichai journey
  • He began his journey as a product management leader of Google Toolbar which one had to install, back then, in order to search the web. But later on, in 2006, he realized that just to do a basic search, there was no need to install a Toolbar and it must be easy for the users.
  • That’s how they got an idea of Chrome. When Sundar Pichai put forward his idea of Chrome, it was marked as highly expensive but he managed a green light for it, somehow. Today, Chrome is something installed in every smartphone, laptop, you name it!
  • While Android was dominating the market at that time, Chrome was pre-installed in each and every phone which made it extremely popular. People found it easy, comfortable and the best to operate.
  • He even took over the management of Android in the year 2013 and sold billions of devices. His idea was to make a phone that everyone can use.
  • Pichai kept working hard and implementing great and innovative ideas, there was a point all the companies wanted him. But he did not leave Google and got an offer to be the CEO of the company.

When he accepted the position, after some time, the stock price of Alphabet went up to 90% and revenue 80%.

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