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From Investment Of Rs 2 Lakh To A Turnover Of Rs 5 Crore. The Story Of VERSATYL Founder Is Inspirational

| Published on March 7, 2019

Do you love wearing jackets? Well, then let me tell you the best you have ever heard in the world of jackets – as weightless as a feather but has 20 pockets, is fan-cooled, and waterproof, and can be carried in a pouch! Sounds Impossible? Saneen Javali’s Versatyl made it possible!


VERSATYL’s founder Saneen Javali has always been originative in his thoughts and ideas. He always aspired to become an entrepreneur. From being a computer engineer to making a world record with his successful innovations, Saneen Javali has been hustling his way to glory through all the thick and thins of his life and now he happens to be the founder of Indias’s most crowdfunded and appreciated apparel brand.

From the start

Back in 2010, when Saneen was still working as an engineer, he thought of partnering with his friend as an entrepreneur into the textile industry. They both came up with Emirates Fashion, but the company soon lost one of his owners, after Saneen’s friend decided to exit. Being left with a team of five, Saneen initially could not do anything great with his brand and was just supplying jackets, uniforms and bottoms to a few major brands, who used his product under their own name.

Saneen was undoubtedly a person who didn’t want to settle for less. He believed that “Life is one long process of getting tired, and therefore it is pointless to make it all the more tiring by adding some extra weight in it.” This is what led him to produce, a one-of-a-kind jacket that aims to be functional, affordable, as well as fashionable.

His jacket was different from the other brands because they were light weighted, had a double-digit number of pockets and could offer myriad features. When Saneen introduced this jacket to the masses for the first time on Fueladream, he received an order of mere 100 units of his product.

But from there to selling more than 3,00,000 units of his revolutionary multi-utility jacket in less than a month’s time, to coming up with modernized versions of his parent product, to winning the online world with his product’s uniqueness, to achieving a turnover of Rs. 5 Crore, Saneen has come a long way and claims that his brand today, is growing 100% monthly.

At the moment

Is it actually conceivable for a person who is so passionate about his work, to be satisfied with all that he has achieved till date !? The answer would any day be a BIG NO. And possibly for the same reason, Saneen didn’t give up inventing products with his brand’s name.

Thus, VERSATYL, today deals in jackets, wallets with RFID Theft Protection, Stain repellent shirts and T-shirts, multi-way wearable T-shirts. Saneen Javali led, VERSATYL, is said to invent at least a new product every month. With an aim to have at least 10 retail outlets by 2020, and provide employment to more than 200 workers, Saneen is currently focusing on building a well-recognized brand name instead of earning profits.

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