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From Investment Of Rs 1.5 Lakh To Rs 80 Lakh Revenue In 8 Months: The Making Of Mindbound Creatives

| Published on September 17, 2019

If you are still confused whether or not you should launch your own startup, here’s one more success story of one more entrepreneur who has been in the place like you are today. Well, the best way to learn is by reading the stories of the best.

Some startup stories are so unique and different that we just start imagining ourselves in place of the founders. This is the story of a startup which is a result of a filmmaker and a brand strategist coming together to start something of their own.

Let us know everything about this startup and understand how it distinguishes itself from other startups:

About the startup

Mindbound Creatives, founded in 2018 in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, by childhood friends Smaranika Jena and Shushrut Mohanty, is a creative advertising agency with the aim to plug the gap in the market to serve both big enterprises and startups.

Background check!

Smaranika has her background in marketing and she worked at Cognizant Technology Solutions as an analysis programmer, brought in branding expertise whereas, Shushrut is an avid filmmaker who has been dabbling in the art since the age of 15 years, took to managing the creative side of the business.

Mindbound Creatives is a B2B business. Mostly, their target audience is brands who actively invest in and generate value from content marketing and advertising.

The functioning of the startup

Mindbound Creatives was mainly launched as a storytelling platform to act as a medium of inspiration where talks and stories by entrepreneurs, activists, and thought leaders are published. It is a bootstrapped venture launched with an initial investment of 1.5 lakh.

With a combined background in psychology, user behavior, digital strategy, cinematography, editing, motion graphics, and project management, Mindbound Creative’s team uses storytelling as a tool for creating a meaningful relationship between the brand and its customers.

They have successfully generated many clients through inbound marketing and through their storytelling videos. They only work with 10 clients at a time with their subscription plans to ensure quality. The founders also hope to create awareness around branding and content marketing to generate value from them.

Clients and revenue

Their customers include a mix of enterprises and start-ups, including big guns like Paytm, BMW, Indian Oil Corporation, Hyperconnect, Clensta, Biggies Burger, Bookingjini, and more.

In a span of just eight months, Mindbound Creatives has achieved gross revenue of more than ₹80 lakh with a 40 percent profit margin. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

The list of achievements

The company was awarded the Young Innovator of Odisha award by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik at Startup India Odisha Yatra 2018. The same year, Mindbound also became the only start-up from Odisha to secure a WWE fellowship from IIT-Delhi.

In 2019, Mindbound even got a chance to exhibit at INNOVFEST UNBOUND, the trade show of Singapore. The start-up has its presence across major Indian cities, including Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Bhubaneshwar.

Passion is a winner!

For the founders, business comes first and then they make the creative that can bring them maximum value.

The determination of both the founders and both being experts in their own domain show how a start-up should actually run. The lack of synchronization between the founders is mostly the cause of the downfall of most start-ups/SMEs.

The duo with their hard work and efforts have brought their start-up to the level where it is standing today. The start-up as a whole is an inspiration to all. From their idea to the functioning, from their origin to achievements, it has certainly stool tall amidst all the other startups.

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