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From Hunger Strike To Anger, This Is What The Proposed Shutdown Of MTNL And BSNL Has Led To

| Published on October 9, 2019

The future of the two state-run telecommunication companies – BSNL and MTNL is now shrouded by dark clouds as the Finance Ministry has put forward its suggestion of closing down the two companies as they struggle to compete with the private players in the industry. 

According to a report in The Financial Express, the ministry has also rejected a proposal of the department of telecommunications (DoT) to pump in a massive Rs 74,000 crore to revive the two telcos.

The decision to shut down will have a massive impact on the employment condition in the country as the company currently employs over 2 lakh people. To fight against the decision hundreds of MTNL employees are protesting with a hunger strike. 

This is how people expressed their displeasure and concern at the shutting of the two broadband companies on Twitter

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