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From Hookah To Paneer Once A Week, This Indian PG Knows How To Advertise

| Published on November 15, 2019

Marketing on point! 

Living far away from home without family in a PG Accommodation may sound intimidating for all the possible reasons but we’ve found a PG that is all fancy and apt for you all. 

The flier of the pg that is now going viral shows all it has to offer. From the basic needs like Wifi, TV, etc the pg also offers hookah and paneer once a week. Now that is some real-life attraction and some real-life marketing skills! 

The flier also mentions “Time Hygenic Food” and for those who couldn’t get what it means it’s “Desi Ghar Ka Khana”. 

Posted on Reddit, the comment section was filled with some on-point humor. Where one user commented saying, “It must be in Haryana because only Haryanvi people understand the need for Hookah”, another lauded the PG’s advertisement and said, ”Hookah as a facility is a good way to entice tenants into your PG. It’s actually a pull marketing strategy, which means customers get attracted of their own to the product. Here the product is PG, customers are tenants and producer is Landlord.”

One commenter also vouched for the PG and said, “’I have stayed at Rahul PG and it was one of the best phase of my life. Now I live in Berlin but whenever I visit India I always go to Rahul PG.”

Hookah, Wifi, Paneer aren’t we already sold?

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