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From Being A Victim Of Polio To Founding Vishal Mega Mart & V2, The Story Of Ram Chandra Agarwal Is Inspriring

| Published on March 10, 2019

You’ve read about Bill Gates? Dropped out of school and all of that.
You’ve heard about Howard Schultz? – Founder of Starbucks. He grew up in a housing complex for the poor.
You’ve heard about Do wan Chang? – Founder of Forever 21. He worked as a janitor and a coffee shop attendant.
You’ve heard about Dhirubhai Ambani? – Founder of Reliance Group. He grew up with a poor school teacher as his father in a village in Gujarat.

Lesson learned? It takes a lot more than money to build yourself a name. An empire. A brand.

However, have you noted one thing? – All of these and the many more we read about, they had a positive in common. Health! Health is undoubtedly the greatest wealth!

However, there are those few rare gems who don’t have that. Yet, they still make it. One of those gems is Mr. Ram Chandra Agarwal.

Who is he?

He is the guy who was born in a poor family and got affected with Polio at a really young age. He used crutches to walk and support his day to day movement. Imagine having something as basic as walking as an everyday struggle. However, his family supported him and pushed him to finally graduate in 1986 after which he took a loan and opened a photography shop.

Did he continue with that? No, he didn’t.

What did he change then?

While running his shop, he did market research and decided to start a retail clothing outlet. He first set up a small garment shop in the Lal Bazaar area of Kolkata and managed it for 15 whole years to gain experience.

The smart approach.

Then he moved to Delhi and started Vishal retail. He then bought the concept of Hypermarkets in India and started Vishal Mega Mart in 2002. However, his initiative suffered a major loss and he had to sell his business to Shriram group in 2011.

But, did he give up? No, he did not.

What did he do to pull himself back up?

The man started another chain called V2 Retail Limited to enter his expertise area again. He opened outlets in 32 cities, had apparel and non-apparel items and established himself again.

This is the man that goes to prove that disabilities that are physical are said to be worse than monetary issues, but they can also bring out the best in people.

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