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From A Corporate Job To A Multi-Crore Business: The Story Of Shineel Is Inspiring

| Published on October 13, 2019

The daughter of an engineer-MBA father who worked in the corporate for years, Shineel prefers to only use her first name. She pursued her undergraduate studies at Narsee Monjee Institute of management studies.

Her career later took her to Welingkar Institute of Management for her MBA as her father wanted her to work and climb up the corporate ladder just like he did. She started working at Arvind Ltd after her MBA but then again, life had other plans for her.

The Do-away of Corporate

Shineel always had an entrepreneurial talent in her. She had started her part-time organic skincare product business while she was an undergrad student and continued it as a side business while working at Arvind ltd.

Her business was doing good, a part-time venture receiving around 20 orders per day, and this gave her the confidence to quit her job and enter the start-up world. However, it did come with a cost. Her father and family were against her decision, especially when she had to reject a promotion at work to pursue her interests. Nevertheless, she decided to start her brand on a full-time basis.

The highs and lows

Alas! Right at the start of her business with all her savings invested, the business suffered a major setback. Orders went down to 20 per month and Shineel was left demotivated.

Then came the time for her to go on a vacation to put her mind back on track, thanks to her then-boyfriend and now husband, Varun Arora. It was this trip that not only set her mind but also her business on track.

The happy coincidence

Shineel met a royal family on the trip who tried out her product. Overnight she received a bulk order for customized luxury products as hampers for a royal wedding. Slowly and steadily, her business was the talk-of-the-town, and she got 17 royal families as her clients who made advanced payments with good margins.

Her product was unique for them, it was luxurious, customized and organic. The success pushed her to launch the business online but then again, disagreement of her most precious clients, Royal families with regards to an online store and the exclusivity of her product, the plan was scrapped.

The 2016 story – The House of Artisans

A moment of fate happened, yet again. Shineel saw some carved elephant pieces at a store at Mumbai Airport when and she discovered that it was also being sold by some wood artisans. The catch? The store was selling it for Rs 2000 and above and the artisans for Rs 22.

With finding artisans for 18 months, signing deals for sales with various stores across the world and Rs 12000 as capital, The House of Artisans was launched (THOA). Earlier with 2 artisans, it has now grown to 22 artisans and presence globally, earning 50% revenues internationally.

THOA is a brand that reached its break-even point within 6 months, kudos to the convincing skills, hard work and quick thinking of its founder. It shows how everyone gets a single opportunity and if they play the field right, it can turn to be a magical experience.

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