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From 10 Orders A Month To 15 Orders A Day, The Out-Of-The-Box Journey Of Outbox

| Published on July 18, 2019

Few years ago, the concept of planning surprises with the help of professionals on special occasions for your beloved ones was not that trendy. Some would consider it unnecessary expenditure and also some take it as a personal moment. But now this is not true because of the start-up that thought out-of-the-box.

In 2014, Sukriti Agarwal and Kaushal Modi from Kolkata came up with the whole new idea to start with such a risky start-up. To make money by planning surprises, gift deliveries on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and a whole range of other special occasions.

The early journey with a risk

They do every little thing to make their client’s surprise a memorable one and turn it into a special moment. It includes sending personal invitations to the recipients for dinner, also personalizing every little thing for a lifetime kind of experience.

The main focus is the quality of service, the vendors are carefully chosen so that when combined together, they churn out magic. Earlier, it was also considered that hiring a proposal planner was only for the risk. But this myth was definitely wiped out by Outbox.

To plan a surprise proposal, they have packages that lie anywhere between Rs 7000 to Rs 1 lakh depending on the client’s demands. On average the clients spend anywhere between Rs 15000 to Rs 20000. Most of their clients are middle-class professionals who want their special moment to be a memorable one. Outbox’s services might be a little costlier than others but this is because they give detailed attention to every little thing.

How did they grow to such an extent?

In their first year, they were only 4 in number. And today, they are 22 professionals in the organization and are connected to more than 100 vendors. They have also hired people from Instagram and Quora.

With each passing year, there has been an upsurge in the orders processed and the unmatched experience in the ‘memory’ market. From 10 orders a month to 15 orders a day, the journey has been really beautiful.
Over the past decade surprise and delight industry has seen a surge with start-ups coming up at different parts of the country, making it as their organizational goal.

This industry has two kinds. One is who acts as a mediator, they connect the clients to the hotels and restaurants who are responsible for the surprise. The other one is that with the help of their expertise and artists in the organization focus on the quality of the surprise. And Outbox falls in the second category where quality is given real importance.

Their Future plans

Outbox’s journey has been a memorable one. They have successfully created 57,000 surprises over the past five years. With a desire to grow ahead in the entrepreneurial road they are looking to expand it at a new geographical location, Bengaluru. Outbox’s single goal is to be the one-stop solution for the clients who want to give surprises to their beloved ones and make it a memorable one, all over the country.

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