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Freelancer’s Post Goes Viral After Being Appreciated By Shark Tank India Judges For Her Work

| Published on February 4, 2023

Shark Tank India season 2 has been released and people have been following it more than ever. The startup ideas that have been coming up on the show are even more creative and unique than the previous season.

Indians have become inclined towards watching the show and learning the new jargon that is used in the investment and business world.

A recent episode of Shark Tank India caught all our attention and for all the right reasons. Homemade snacks business Patil Kaki was a head turner even for the sharks. Geeta Patil, the founder, revealed to the sharks that she had started her business in 2017 with just Rs 5,000 and has built a Rs 3 crore business in just 5 years.


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Her homemade food had greatly impressed the sharks. But what caught their attention was the packaging of the box which looked like something designed by a very expensive marketing agency.

However, to their surprise, the packaging box and design were the work of a freelancer. Harshita Mittal is the name behind Patil Kaki’s creative packaging. Since the episode aired, people have been appreciating Harshita’s work as well as flooding Patil Kaki with orders.

Taking her thoughts to social media, Harshita took to Instagram and shared a post expressing her joy for being appreciated by the legendary sharks on national television.


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In her post, she shared a clip of the episode where Geeta Patil’s sons tell the Sharks how the packaging was done by a friend of theirs who is a freelancer. Sharks express their appreciation for her work and compare it with some of the leading marketing agencies charging huge amounts. Harshita can be seen dancing with joy and requests people to tag the sharks on the post so that her joy reaches them too.

Adding to her disbelief, two of the sharks, Vineeta Singh and Aman Gupta commented on her post and many others joined in to encourage her even more.

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