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Fraud Alert: A Doctor Got Scammed Of Rs 2.62 Lakhs While Online Shopping

| Published on May 2, 2019

The Internet, a place which defines the 21st century. The internet, the place which makes e-commerce what it is today. Oh, The Internet, where you earn and yet you can lose so much more.

A blessing or a curse?

It is very difficult to believe or understand the consequences of the phase, nothing comes for free. People get tempted into various deals, programmes or situations in return of something free, only to understand later that it costed them more than it should have.

Another Fraud?

So was the case of a Jodhpur based doctor who simply wanted to buy a laundry bag worth RS 399. He is what one would call a literate and capable of using digital technology and he still feels for one very big online scam.

The scam

Before making his purchase, the mentioned doctor received a call from a lady named ‘Shreya’ who claimed herself to be from ‘Classic Enterprise’ from Delhi. She convinced him to buy the laundry bag as an assure item which would in return bring him gifts like a LED TV, or an iPhone etc. She called it a ‘deal of the day’s scheme and probably sweet talked him into making the purchase.

He purchased the bag using his credit card only to be called 4 days later to make another payment of RS 5580 as GST for a Laptop that he had won. He again made the payment using his credit card. This was not the end of the road though.

The unending series of calls

He kept getting such calls and was somehow convinced to make a total payment of RS 2.62 lakhs due to multiple different reasons and conditions. It was only then that the doctor realized and hired a lawyer to contact ‘Classic Enterprise’. However, it was only after he received no replies or reasonings that he contacted the police who are now probing into this matter.

It is still very surprising how someone was convinced to make such a huge payment in favor of online fraud. It just goes far to teach a lesson to everyone who uses online media and brings out the reality of a selfish world.

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