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Fortune Oil Gets Trolled As Sourav Ganguly Gets Hospitalised Due To Cardiac Arrest

| Published on January 5, 2021

The nation united in prayers when recently former India captain and BCCI President Sourav Ganguly went through angioplasty at the Woodlands hospital in Kolkata. There has been news that the former cricketer has now regained consciousness and has started taking visitors now.

The doctors who treated him had said that arterial blockage was critical and that there were not one but multiple blockages.

Apart from being the president of the BCCI, Ganguly is also the brand ambassador of Fortune Edible Oils and Foods.

As soon as the news of Ganguly’s sudden hospitalization due to the cardiac arrest came forward people were quick to point out the product the former cricketer has been endorsing. The internet was flooded with both ‘get well soon’ messages and memes on the Fortune Cooking oil. Whether Ganguly was using the oil in his diet is yet not clear but that did not seem to stop anyone.

One user on Twitter, Pankaj Jain who is a Fact Checker, and Founder of SMHoaxSlayer.com< wrote, "Should you trust Adani's Fortune ?" https://twitter.com/pj77in/status/1345426984688500737 Another user replied to his status and said, 'It’s Adani’s (sellers) fortune... not ours...It will be a misfortune for the buyers.' https://twitter.com/MrRightCenter/status/1345608097017065473 https://twitter.com/PrashanthKB8/status/1345589646709776387 While many people continued mocking the cricketer and the brand, there were some who found the whole topic in bad taste and urged people to be more empathetic towards the cricketer in such a time. https://twitter.com/zafar08/status/1345431701455917056 https://twitter.com/TheSteamedMomos/status/1345428317923463169 https://twitter.com/pj77in/status/1345426984688500737 https://twitter.com/The_Ferrao/status/1345590996575219712 https://twitter.com/Knight_writter/status/1345626281518325764

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