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Forget Old Ways Of Promoting Movies. This Emerging Comedian Has A Hatke & Entertaining Solution

| Published on July 10, 2018

Standup comedy and mimicry has become a great medium for the entertaining audience. With the digitalization, the popularity of mimicry and pranking is on the rise and has led people to choose their talent in productive ways. Rohit Gupta, a Mumbai based mimicry artist is emerging as an amazing entertainer.
It all started with entertaining friends and family and now he has a reach of people across countries by simply following what he loves to do. Rohit is passionate about mimicking people and pranking them. Along with copying the accent of popular Bollywood stars like Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, Shah Rukh Khan and many more, he always comes with innovative comic ideas.


Rohit Gupta has done B.A (Hons) in business administration and is professionally working as a chemicals’ manufacturer with his dad. He has also done MBA from the university of central Lancashire, UK.

Rohit’s mimicry is an interactive way of promoting movies. He has been invited by popular Radio brands to talk about the upcoming movies and the audience was not able to catch the difference between his mimicry and the voice of Bollywood stars. Below you can watch one such video:

Another video that shows the talent of Rohit is when he decided to prank RJ Rishi Kapoor from Red FM for doing mimicry of Sanjay Dutt. He acted amazingly in this video and made the RJ nervous by speaking in Sanjay Dutt’s voice. Here is the prank we are talking about:

Rohit has a unique way of finding who to prank with. He just sits in his car and pranks people with the help of their friends. He can surprise anyone with his natural-looking accent in multiple languages including Marathi, Punjabi, Arabic, and Sindhi. Once a girl called him to prank her boyfriend over his lost phone, and he took the benefit by speaking to the guy as a phone thief in a South Indian accent.

Rohit has over 5 lakh followers on Facebook and his content is loved by the people of Pakistan also. He is a great mixture of entertainment and creative content and can be very beneficial for promoting movies. He is definately influencing the digital audience with a great vision.

To know more about Rohit Gupta, you can check his Facebook page

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