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2 minutes read

Food Hacks Used By Advertisers To Make An Appealing Look

| Published on September 20, 2021

Why does food made at home, look different in spite of it being made to the tee from the internet or television? Everything is superbly curated in videos or programs; everything looks just picture perfect. But reality isn’t so. Advertisers are using different tricks into enticing viewers to watch their content, and some of their ways are totally hilarious

1.Cardboards are used in between cakes to make them appear fluffy. Same goes for sandwiches and burgers

2.Glue is used in a bowl while advertising cereal so that it stays on top.

3.To show fizz in cooldrinks, antacids are added.

4.Melted wax is used in different colors to show them as various sauces. Like black color for soya sauce, red color for schezwan sauce etc.

5.Engine oil is used to show maple syrup on pancakes.

6.Burger patties and chicken legs are smeared with shoe polish to give them a tarry or well-grilled look

7.Fruits are sprayed with hair spray to make them look fresh

8.Full fried chicken is stuffed with paper rolls to make it appear plump

9.Glue and even shaving foam is used in glasses or bowls to make it look like full fat cream or creamy rich milk.

10.Using glycerin while plating seafood keeps it looking fresh.

11.Plastic cubes are used to give an illusion of ice-cold effect while advertising drinks

And this one is totally hilarious!

12.Mashed potatoes are used in place of ice-creams to make them droolworthy!

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