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Food Gets Snatched Away From Swiggy Delivery Boy In Noida

| Published on January 27, 2021

Our country and subsequently the world witnesses bizarre incidents almost every other day. In Uttar Pradesh’s Noida, a Swiggy delivery boy was just about to deliver a customer’s order when some random strangers came by, snatched the food and left. The customer was reported about the incident immediately by the Swiggy team, along with a full refund and a request to place a new order.

The customer was left surprised by this incident and left to wonder whether these incidents took place in Noida usually. Apparently, this was her first-ever order in the Noida region which was met with an unfortunate series of events.

In addition to the message by the Swiggy customer support, she also received a call alleging that her order was snatched away from the Swiggy delivery boy and the goons went further ahead to beat him up. This tweet was shared by the customer and Twitter user, Chayanika Das. It garnered a number of likes and shares and other users also poured in their suggestions and opinions, as follows,



Another user added in that it is common in Noida and that his dad worked in an e-commerce firm where even the parcels got robbed in broad daylight.


Even though Chayanika felt bad for the rider, this brings to mind whether the Uttar Pradesh administration is actually that effective or not to stop these incidents from happening further. Today it is just food, tomorrow it can be expensive jewelry or electronic items stolen snatched from a person’s body.

We feel terrible for the delivery boy and wish him a speedy recovery.

Source: India.com

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