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Flipkart’s #WheresTheF Comes To End With Samsung’s Big Reveal

| Published on September 27, 2020

Flipkart has always been in the lead when it comes to deals and shopping fests on their website. However, what puts them ahead of others is marketing a game they bring when dealing with online platforms.

Twitter has been a platform to start a new trend for many brands. A simple intriguing post and everyone is left wondering and talking about it. Whether it is a funny banter two between competitors or just posting something witty, brands know how to create a buzz.

Flipkart has done something similar yet again. They tweeted something while cleverly skipping out the letter ‘F’ and it started a witty campaign #WheresTheF. Many top celebrities and influencers where seen retweeting it and soon the post went viral.

Everyone was wondering if this was a genuine error or just a clever marketing tactic.

A few days back, Flipkart posted a tweet, ‘Starting your weekend skin-care routine? Head to our app to get the perect products or the perect skin!’

The tweet that gained a lot of attention was none other than Sachin Tendulkar‘s. He asked the e-commerce brand if what they tweeted was a typo or something else entirely. To which Flipkart had a reply ready.

Soon after, many top social media influencers also retweeted the post and expressed their curiosity for the missing letter ‘F’.

Spotify India tried to help Flipkart to find the missing ‘F” too.

Swiggy‘s post however was one of the most hilarious replies to the campaign. It surely left us all craving for a ‘Falooda’.

Vedantu in fact left a market report card for Flipkart’s tweet which circled out the errors made by the brand. Once a teacher, always a teacher!

Tendulkar came back the next day to ensure that the brand was okay and enquired if they were able to find the ‘F’. After all, Nation Wants to Know!

@GabbbarSingh also showed its concern and wondered if the brand was planning something back after all.

Other major brands also were seen tweeting to the e-commerce giant wondering if they were doing alright.

After keeping people intrigued and guessing for 2 whole days, Flipkart made the big reveal. It turns out the brand was actually cooking up something and the omission of the letter ‘F’ was on purpose.

Samsung India replied to Flipkart saying they have found the missing ‘F’ and posted a link along with the tweet. The link was of Samsung’s #FullOn campaign to introduce their upcoming Galaxy F41 smartphone. The phone is all set to release on the 8th of October @ 5:30 PM.

Flipkart was quick to declare that it was ‘Full On’ and they have finally found the missing ‘F’.

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