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Flipkart On Way To Become All-in-one App That Let’s Users Order Food, Book Tickets, Book Cabs

| Published on July 5, 2017

Flipkart is no doubt India’s one of the largest e-commerce online shopping site. They recently celebrated their tenth anniversary and with this they aim for making their platform and site more user friendly by inclusion of other services too.

They are eyeing for becoming an all-in-one app by letting its users also order food, book tickets and cabs from their app.

They have already started talking to big and small food and travel agencies to join hands.

The All In One Poster

Market Status

Flipkart is following WeChat’s model in China where the app includes everything from chat to shopping to booking. Tencent is one of the major investors of WeChat and Tencent’s investment in Flipkart’s 1.4 billion funding has let Flipkart take such decisions.

Though Flipkart is late in their venture as Snapdeal has tied up with Zomato, Redbus and Cleartrip, and Paytm already offers a host of services including flight, train and bus bookings. Amazon too has included booking Spa services.

How It’s Going To Be Done

Flipkart has a huge user base and they will use this to venture this new latest technology. They have 50 million app downloads. Though they have a lot of competitions in market but still including these new features will give flipkart more profit and earnings.

Flipkart’s own Flipkart LitE lets users access its functionality without downloading an app. Thus people can access such amenities without high speed net too! This new mega app would be available from December. We have to wait for further announcement.

Who Said What?

Prakash Sikaria, senior director of monetisation and new initiatives at Flipkart, said

“The business is targeting a December launch and will follow a WeChat model, where the Flipkart app can be used to book a cab, order food or plan your travel”

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