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Flipkart Has Just Launched 2Gud- A New Portal For Refurbished Goods

| Published on August 22, 2018

Indian e-commerce market is on its role as past few months have seen some big deals involving companies like Google, Flipkart, Alibaba, Amazon and Walmart. The growth seems to raise the pace as new players are entering Indian market with heavy investments.

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Flipkart which started its journey 11 years back has launched, a new portal for refurbished goods. It is a great news for those who felt bad for not having enough money to buy new products on digital platforms. 2Gud has been announced after eBay ended its association with Flipkart.

Why a separate entity?

The reason for making a new platform looks pretty simple as goods sold on will be refurbished, which means that they’ve been previously used or returned, and then restored to after repairs or modifications. Flipkart believes that there’s a large enough market in India for such products and mixing it with the current business will be negative for both the old and the new operations.

Flipkart tweeted about this launch with a post which read: Here’s to the newest member of our family – @2GUDdotcom. The only way to shop Refurbished is here!

Start shopping on on your mobile browser NOW!

Currently, there are no indications that is associated with Flipkart directly as we can’t see words like powered by Flipkart, or associated with Flipkart anywhere. Also, the colour scheme of, is completely different from Flipkart’s blue and yellow.

2GUD is available on mobile only and it doesn’t work on desktop browsers as of now. The website reads “You’ave come to the right place, but you are browsing on the wrong device. We’are working on a flawless desktop experience for you”


Range of products 2Gud is providing

Currently, it is selling products of 5 categories namely- mobile phones, laptops, smart watches, tablets and streaming devices. Products in 400 categories are expected to launch soon on 2Gud.


On talking about this new announcement, Anil Goteti, VP, Flipkart, who will be heading 2GUD said: “The refurbished goods market has remained highly fragmented and unorganised despite its size, primarily due to complex processes, and missing assurance on the quality of products. Unlike existing C2C (customer-to-customer) platforms, 2GUD offers an organised space devoid of regular buyer-seller interactions, which simplifies the process for both parties,”

For quality check, Flipkart will assure that all products listed on this website go through a rigorous 47-step verification process.

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