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Flipkart And Amazon Are Now Selling Cow Dungs For Rs 599, 649. Online Users Are Having A Laugh

| Published on May 16, 2019

Flipkart has added another product to its selling list and it can’t get any more bizzare. 

As shocking as it may sound, Flipkart has started selling pure cow dung or upla or hawan on its e-commerce platform. Listed under the items for decorative purposes its priced at Rs. 599. 

While the product has only 3-star rating on the website what’s left many shocked is its availability in more than one colour! The product also states that the use of product for other than decorative purposes will be at the risk of the user.

In the race Amazon is not far who has also made the product available which has got a 4 start rating is priced at Rs. 649. 

Nevertheless, what caught our attention were the hilarious reviews by the users. 

In India, Cow dung cake is used for religious and even decorative purpose. It is used to carry out practices like Hawan and other ceremonies. Knowing this fact, these online websites have now started selling them with a wide list of products available online. These websites even have a note which suggests that the cow dung cake is only for decorative purpose and any alternative use will be at user’s own risk.

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