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Five Startups Working Towards Making India Greener With Renewable Energy Solutions

| Published on May 5, 2023

Our country is the world’s third-largest electricity consumer and the third-largest renewable energy producer, with 160 GW of power out of 400 GW coming from renewable resources. That is 40% of the entire energy capacity.

The entire world, especially India, is moving towards renewable energy-based solutions to tackle various problems that plague the world. And our country is a startup hub, has many startups working in the field of renewable energy.

Following are five game-changing startups that are leading India to a greener economy.

1. Devic Earth

The startup makes devices that emit radio wave pulses to reduce air pollution. Their pivotal product Pure Skies improves air quality, making it more breathable.

The product is typically the size of a printer consuming 10-20 watts of power, and the upcoming ones will operate using solar power.

The product is currently used by industries in the steel, cement, mining, manufacturing, and hotel sectors. Tata Steel, ACC, Vedanta, and JCB are some of their customers.

2. EdgeGrid

Founded in 2020 by Sunil Talla and Prasad Yerneni, Mushtaq Ahmed, Neeraj Sansanwal, and Vamsi TP, EdgeGrid is a cleantech startup that is building a technology platform to enable the energy transition for last-mile customers.

These mainly include small businesses and commercial building owners, electric vehicle charging networks, and household needs.

It uses IoT, AI, and industry innovation to come up with solutions to solving energy-related problems in various industries.

Last year, the startup secured a $6 million funding round led by LightRock India.

3. Uravu Labs

Uravu Labs generates water from the air using totally renewable energy sources, such as biomass and solar energy.

This water tech startup builds atmospheric generators that channel air into a chamber containing desiccants like Silica which absorb the water content in the air.

Once the desiccant is fully saturated, heat is applied to it using solar energy to extract the water in liquid form. The desiccant has a shelf-life of around ten years.

Started by engineers Swapnil Shrivastav, Venkatesh RY, Pardeep Garg, and Govinda Balaji, Uravu Labs raised an undisclosed amount during a pre-seed funding round in December 2021 led by Speciale Invest.

4. On2Cook

Fancy a cooking device that combines both, a microwave and a stove? On2Cook has got you covered, with their product saving 70% time and 50% energy.

With a microwave feature in the lid and an induction in the bottom, one can cook to your heart’s content from french fries to a cake using their product.

The startup recently secured seed funding of INR 17 crore at an INR 100 crore valuation.

5. The Energy Company

Founded in 2021 by Prashant Rathee, Rahul Lamba, and Pratik Somani, The Energy Company works towards promoting sustainable energy transactions.

The startup has developed a battery-enabled SAAS platform called FLEXI, which enables E-2W users to charge their vehicles within 15 minutes for 50 km and within 40 mins for 100 km, at public charging points or at home.

Their SaaS tool, FlexiTwin, takes inputs from the sensors installed on a battery, recording battery performance, degradation, and service history.


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