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Five Most Expensive Things Owned By Ratan Tata

| Published on April 26, 2020

There is hardly any person in India who hates Ratan Naval Tata, former Chairman of Tata Group. Ratan Tata is the businessman of the century for India. We all have stories of how Ratan Tata acquired Jaguar and many other stories that make us feel proud of him.

Recently, Tata Group won the hearts of Indians when it pledged Rs 1500 crore to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wondering about Ratan Tata, we decided to find what are the five most expensive things owned by Ratan Tata.

Here is what we found in our research.

1. Tata Residence

We all heard of how expensive Mukesh Ambani’s house is, but Ratan Tata’s house is also not a cheap one. It is estimated to be over Rs 150 crore. It is a sea-side facing bungalow that covers the space of 14000 sq. ft.

2. Jaguar XF-R

Here comes Jaguar. Ratan Tata owns Jaguar XF-R that costs somewhat around $40,000. Well, we don’t know whether he owns it for its 503 bhp engine or looks, but it is certainly very expensive.

3. Dassault Falcon Private Jet

Only a few would know that Ratan Tata is a trained pilot. Thus, we can assume he loves aircraft as well. And Dassault Falcon Private Jet, which is estimated to be worth $30 million, proves his love for aircraft.

4. Ferrari California

Ratan Tata owns Ferrari California which only a few people own in this world. It cost around Rs 1.5 crore.

5. Maserati Quattroporte

One of the world’s richest men also owns one of the best looking cars on the planet. Maserati Quattroporte is estimated to be over $100,000.

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