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Five Biggest Mistakes You Should Avoid While Working From Home

| Published on April 1, 2020

Work From Home or WFH is the new big thing in the world right now. Amid COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, employees are ordered to work from home. And many who are working from home for the first time are getting a bit casual which seems to be obvious as it is hard to create workplace environment at sweet home. But as a professional, it is the employee’s responsibility to make sure that personal does not get mixed with professional.

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So, here are the five biggest mistakes you should avoid while working from home:

1. Sharing Picture of Work Desk

It is as simple as that. Do not share any confidential picture on social media or with friends. If you are a little lit up after setting up your work from home desk and want to show your friends and shared a picture that exposes some sensitive company data that you are working on, then you might get in big trouble. If you still want to upload a picture of your work desk, make sure you don’t share any data of your company in the picture.

2. Not Locking Your Laptop

Most people even don’t have a password set up on their laptops. Well, if you are one of them, then immediately set a password and build a habit of locking your laptop every time you leave your desk. You don’t want kids in your home mistakenly sending email or video calling your manager.

3. Not Using VP

Well, security matters a lot for a company. In the office campus, you have secured networks, but at home, you will be using a private network or public network. So use a VPN to ensure an extra layer of security for your work.

4. Using Same Browser For Personal Surfing

Well, no one is watching you. It’s good. You can browse while idle, but make sure that you use a different browser for personal surfing to avoid a mishap.

5. Sharing Laptop

Well, it is common sense, but at home when someone elderly asks sorry order for something, common sense evaporates. So make sure you don’t share your laptop with anyone. If you do, create a different user profile so that things don’t get awkward.

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