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Finserv MARKETS Deserves All The Buzz For Their Campaign #AbChoicesHueAasaan

| Published on December 1, 2021

Are you someone who is quite confused and frazzled with how you can manage your finances and lifestyle decisions? Finserv MARKETS enters the picture to show you just how it can be done. The company’s most recent ad campaign, #AbChoicesHueAasaan featuring Sumeet Raghavan, adopts a central route of communication where they show how he is unable to manage his day-to-day financial & shopping needs. The protagonist has been shown in multiple slices of life situations, where he is comically struggling to find the right solution for himself and his family’s needs.

The objective of this campaign was to establish Finserv MARKETS, an initiative by Bajaj Finserv, as a One Marketplace proposition which offers financial services as well as lifestyle products under one single roof.

The campaign hashtag #AbChoicesHueAasaan resonated with the audience and spoke about how Finserv MARKETS is making it a point to simplify the decision-making required for buying financial & lifestyle products. The brand positioning of “Choices & Convenience” becomes the USP and assists in differentiating the brand from competitor brands. Moreover, Sumeet Raghavan, the protagonist is shown to be someone whom anyone can easily resonate with from all parts of our country.

The brand offers a range of products across financial categories like Loans, Cards, Insurance, Investments, and Payments besides offering a wide assortment of lifestyle products that can be bought at No Cost EMI. Finserv MARKETS offers these categories through partnerships with India’s leading financial and lifestyle brands.

The brand film has done a phenomenal job of communicating all its product categories in a manner that brings forth the USP and leaves an imprint on the mind of the viewers.

Conceptualized by the internal Brand team at Finserv MARKETS and curated by Grapes Digital, it can be seen that efforts have been taken in maintaining a tonality that is direct, honest, and friendly while ensuring that it is being communicated in a fun and witty manner.

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