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Was It Fine To Promote An Anti-Aging Cream At 23? Mira Rajput’s Fans Don’t Think So

| Published on August 9, 2018

Celebrities are now a popular medium for brands to advertise their products. Indian tend to believe things that celebrities say and they end up in buying products just for the sake of celebrity associated with the brand. Sometimes there are celebrity ads that and up in getting negative reviews and making the right choice becomes an important aspect for promotion.

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Mira Rajput

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput are one of the most followed celebrity couples. Mira has the knack of being in news because of for her statements and fashion choices she makes. People see them as a perfect couple giving relationship goal.

Recently. Mira did something that has led her to big trouble and she is facing criticism on social media for appearing in an anti-aging cream ad. The thing that is making her fans backlash at her is that her age is only 23 and this doesn’t suit her to promote such brands at a very young age.


We are talking about the latest Olay advertisement in which she promoted the anti-aging cream and gave it the credit of bringing back her face’s glow that she lost after delivery. Being pregnant for the second time, she said now she feels prepared for her skin this time because of Olay that transformed her post the first pregnancy.

She even shared the advert on her Instagram with a caption reading

“Being a mother doesn’t mean you stop being yourself right?

I took the #Olay #SkinTransformation #28Daychallenge

Here’s my #Reborn story. what’s yours? @olayindia”

You can watch the ad below:

Shahid supported her by making a comment that read, “Who’s this stunner.

There were some who appreciated Mira for the ad but most criticised her for promoting an anti-aging cream at the age of just 23 as such cosmetic products are mainly used by women who are at least 30+.

This is how people slammed Mira for the ad











Brands should be very careful while choosing their endorsers as audience sees the brand through the eyes of people featuring in the ads. Such mistakes have been made in past also, we have written an article on The Celebrity Brand Endorsements That Went Horribly Wrong you should check this and see how simple mistakes can end up in brands losing their good reputation among consumers.

What are your thoughts on this ad involving Mira? Do share your thoughts in the comments.

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