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Fevicol Turns A Google Map Into A Social Media Ad

| Published on June 12, 2019

Fevicol, the adhesive brand from Pidilite Industries has lately been amusing the audience with its creative social media content, the latest being its Google map post which shows the route to the Pidilite office with heavy traffic near the area. 

Essentially the brand hints at the closer to Fevicol you are, harder it is to move. 

Fevicol’s digital agency Schbang has time and again successfully set up the perfect examples for moment marketing- a digital trick of spontaneous usage of an offline instance to gain traction online.

Here are some of its recent trending posts on social media which we can’t get enough of already. 

Lara Kapadia, group solutions manager, Schbang, who handles the Fevicol account at the agency shared in an interview shared that most of the ideation at Schbang is spontaneous in nature. 

She said, “Our brief is simple, bring out ‘Mazboot Jod’ in the quirkiest manner possible. This can be done in a hundred different ways. Any concept which makes you smile, works.”

Explaining the ideation process, Kapadia adds, “Our creative, solutions and design teams working on the brand are always brainstorming about day to day incidents. The sessions are conversational in nature with the team sharing instances, observations and at times the most random things they can think of. In one of our sessions, this instance of getting stuck in Mumbai traffic came up and when speaking of traffic, Andheri East has to be a conversation starter. Who hasn’t got stuck in traffic in Andheri East? Also, guess what lies in Andheri East? All we did was connect the dots and boom, viral content!”

Speaking about the client’s reaction to the idea, Kapadia says, “They cracked up! It’s so relatable to them, every single day.”

When asked if there were apprehensions about going ahead with the idea, she explains, “At first we did hesitate and thought it’s showing the brand in a negative light. But it’s irreverent humour. One cannot think logically about this. We are just leveraging an everyday instance from a commuter’s life and packaging it humorously. It all works on social media!”

We’re surely sticking to Fevicol’s social media for a little more. 

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