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Features of Trump’s Car (Beast) That Make It The Safest On Earth

| Published on February 26, 2020

Indians and the Indian government is not leaving aback anything while impressing US President Donald Trump’s 2-day visit to our country. Trump arrived in India in Boeing 747 Air Force One but has a special custom-made car in which he is supposed to commute inside the country.

Here’s everything about the BEAST!

The Exterior Of The Car

In one look of this beautiful vehicle, the name “beast” gets justified. The car is bomb and mines proof along with an installation of the night vision camera. Armor has been plated over the fuel tank of the car that contains an extraordinary foam which will not let it explode in any case.
The tyres have steel rims beneath them which prevent the situation of car-puncture and enable the car to run even if the tyres are destroyed.

The car doors have an 8-inch thickness and are plated with armor again. The person inside the car is protected from any kind of chemicals outside when the doors are shut. Not just that, they can be electrified, too! The windows are not only developed with 5 layers of polycarbonate and glass but are also bulletproof.

The Interiors Of The Beast

The car is spacious for Trump and 4 more people. There is a panic button inserted in the situation of emergency and also comes with oxygen supply. Not only that, there is a firefighting system, smokescreen cannons, and tear gas.
The most amazing feature of the interiors of the Beast is that it has a satellite phone which is directly connected to Vice President and Pentagon enabling the president to be in touch with complications or urgent incidents.

So, what do you think?
Source: BusinessInsider

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