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These Features Of iOS 11 Will Make The iPhone Better, Force You To Buy One Immediately

| Published on August 10, 2017

We all long for an iPhone in our closet but the new iOS 11 beta update will make us want it more! Apple released the fourth public beta of iOS 11 to its public beta testing group, allowing non-developers to download and test the new operating system ahead of its launch. Those who have registered for Apple Beta Testing Program will only be able to receive the new iOS 11 beta update.

It has got a whole new level of developments that will make one crazy to get a hand on it. Developments in camera and Control Center Music widget that makes it easier to send music to AirPlay devices, speakers, and headphones, and more.

Let’s list the changes in the operating system incorporated by iOS Beta 11:

1. Camera

Those who use an iPhone must be fond of the camera resolution. What if I say you it gets better with this new update? One can now add Instagram’s Boomerang style image called loop and even add bounce effects. The portrait mode in iPhone 7 is killer but the iOS 11 update adds more tweak to it. One can now use optical image stabilization in this mode along with high definition capabilities. It will help capture in high definition and more intricate details and enable low-light photography. What if all these images take less space for storage and you have more to click? Your wish is to be fulfilled by High-Efficiency Image File Format which helps images and videos to be stored acquiring a very low space. Go ahead and click more!

2. Customisable Control Center

This is an integral part of iOS’s operating system and was introduced long back in iOS 7. It gives iOS devices a direct access to important settings by just a swipe. But it seems to have been a bit complex with a lot of options for the user. But the new one will take into account ones customized preferences. One can now place their favorite app or setting wherever they want!

3. Driving Mode

How about you are driving and your phone automatically detects it and activates Do Not Disturb Mode? It will now detect it through the camera. All the notifications will be blocked saving the driver from any kind of deceiving while driving. Anyone calling will be notified about this too and will get to know you are in a Do Not Disturb Zone!

4. Payment Platform

You no more will need any digital payment platform like PayTm! Yes, you heard it right! With the new feature, one can send money through iMessage. One can link their credit and debit cards to Apple Pay and transfer money to any Apple user across the world with just a click!

5. Siri Got Smarter

Siri too got more efficient and smarter and she can be the best personal assistant you can ever have. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be used. While one is traveling to another country, Siri will now be able to translate language accordingly!

6. Augmented Reality

Apple is introducing Augmented Reality in iPhone and iPad as now it has become one of the most popular advancements in the virtual reality. The ARkit has already enabled developers to create content for future devices.

7. App Store Got Better

Apple’s app store has always been a huge success among users. But it gets even better now. One can easily see the best apps available on app store and choose their favorite ones!

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