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fbb TV Launches First-Ever Interactive Web Series On Instagram Stories

| Published on September 25, 2019

Durga Puja is just around the corner and fbb TV has found the best way to celebrate the festival. fbb TV has created an interactive storytelling experience with #PujoPerfect Love Story, an Instagram web series.

The Instagram web series narrates a tale of the budding love between a young couple. What’s fun is that the brand’s Instagram community gets to decide and co-create what happens next in this love saga.

With this, fbb has joined the club of brands that are turning to video content series as a marketing tool.

The interactive web series can be watched on the brand’s Instagram handle.

fbb tv‘s #PujoPerfect Love Story is a first-of-its-kind Instagram love story co-curated by fbb‘s social community and is hosted on the Instagram Stories of fbb’s Instagram handle @fbbonline.

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It is the first time where the followers of any brand on Instagram get to decide the fate of the love story between the two protagonists.

This is a 5-day web-series & Instagrammers will be able to involve themselves with the character’s life and solve dilemmas that the lovers face every day in their lives. Dilemmas like who should make the first move, how to dress to impress, and more, will be solved by viewers sitting at home.

Users have the opportunity to share tips and tricks with the protagonists hence deciding what happens next.

This new web series by fbb will surely bring a breath of fresh air during the festive marketing season.

The romantic love story of the year is streaming right now and it is for you to decide how their story ends. So what are you waiting for? log in to your Instagram account, go to the fbb stories and treat yourself with an amazing love story.

Do share with us how you found this new marketing concept.

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