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Fawad Hussain Invites To Make Tesla Cars In Pak, Gets Trolled By Netizens

| Published on January 7, 2020

Who doesn’t want Elon Musk in their country? Having such a strong desire in the heart, Fawad Hussain, the Federal Minister for Science and Technology of Pakistan tagged Musk and tweeted with an intention to invite him to his country to build electric vehicles.

Not just he expressed his desire but also mentioned various “advantages” that Pakistan offers such as they “offer ten years zero tax facility and custom free import for factory setup.”

Twitter users never stay back when it comes to trolling and this time, too, they made fun of this statement of Federal Minister at length. One of them even commented on the condition of electricty in Pakistan which is dreaming of Tesla products in the country.

A user wrote an entire mimic of the minister’s tweet and altered it into something really hillarious!

No matter what happens in the world, some or the other popular face or brand will always be getting trolled on Twitter by the mango people. #constant

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