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Father Converts His Garage Into A Classroom For His Daughter

| Published on September 12, 2020

With the COVID19 pandemic spreading across the world and complete lockdowns being imposed due to it, many industries took a huge hit. From education to tourism, many companies had to either evolve or shut down the business.

The industry that evolved the most with time was the education industry without a doubt. Kids have been made to homeschool to keep them safe from the pandemic. Online education has become more advanced and in demand due to this. Teachers & Parents have been the ones who have been making this experience as smooth as possible for the kids.

We have seen videos of how much struggle teachers have been facing to deliver a fruitful class. From Zoom classes and hybrid models, teachers are taking up all the techniques possible. But today we bring you a story of a father who is trying to make the homeschooling experience for his daughter real as well as fun.

A Reddit user posted a video (which is also available on Youtube) that without identifying who the dad is, shows how he has built a real-life classroom in his garage for his daughter. The video shows a lifesize cutout that had an iPad stuck where the face should be and the teacher was able to communicate with the child through it.

The room had a whiteboard in the background and a small chair and a desk for the child which completed the whole classroom set up.

The daughter seems to be enjoying the realistic classroom experience and seems very engrossed in it. It did not take time for the video to go viral. People from all over were applauding the father’s efforts and many parents could relate to the dedication that the father had shown.

However, there were many who felt that the whole set was ‘dystopian’ & ‘apocalyptic’. Others pointed out that it may even be a better arrangement than most public schools.

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