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Fashion Brand Is Selling Crazy Cage-Themed Trousers at Rs 3500

| Published on February 1, 2019

Fashion Nova is popular for making some unique styles that attract the modern audience. The brand has launched some weird designs in the past and once again it has become a topic of news for the crazy cage-theme trousers that are making us think about the future of fashion trends.

The company is selling their innovative pants which leave nothing to the imagination at a whopping price of 49.99$ (3,554 INR approx.). The high rise trousers with an adjustable waist also come with ‘cropped fit’ and ‘layering pieces’.

They just look like someone has folded up a pair of black trousers, cut squares in them and hoped for the best. The model dressed in it has styled them with a black, thong bodysuit underneath to protect her modesty and matching boots.

As expected, people didn’t like these and expressed their views on Twitter.

This is not the first time Fashion Nova has launched such design. Earlier, the company made news for the Extreme Cut Out Jeans.


We are left wondering who came up with the design as they don’t look comfortable, and they certainly weren’t made for January weather. Another question arises is that- are they practical? we don’t think so, but that’s fashion for you.

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