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Fan Appeals Ajay Devgn Not To Promote Tobacco Products After Being Diagnosed With Cancer

| Published on May 7, 2019

Ajay Devgn is not only known for his acting skills but has gained huge popularity with his Vimal Pan Masala ads. He has already become a famous topic for meme creators and the content seems not to stop coming anytime soon.

What’s interesting is one of his fans his appealing him to not promote tobacco products as he himself is a patient of cancer. The man took a creative way to spread his message, he circulated and pasted nearly 1000 posters on the walls in Sanganer, Jagatpura and nearby areas of the city addressed to Devgn, asking the actor about how much he or his family chew tobacco an what they are facing now have been circulated and pasted on the walls in Sanganer, Jagatpura and nearby areas of the city.

“My father Nanakram Meena started chewing tobacco a few years ago and was using the same brand for which Devgn does the advertisement. My father was impressed by Devgn but when he was diagnosed with cancer, he felt that such a big star should not advertise for these kind of products,” Dinesh Meena, the patient’s son, told PTI.

In the pamphlet, Nanakram said that ads of things like liquor, cigarette and tobacco are harmful and that Bollywood actors should not promote these things. Take a look at how Twitter users reacted over this:





What’s your view on this? Should celebrities promote such products? Do let us know in the comments section.

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