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Express Yourself This Season With Baggit’s New Campaign In A Bold Way – #LiveItUp

| Published on June 29, 2017

Baggit is a well known handbag brand in India. With the upcoming season, Baggit brings to its consumer a new bunch of its products.

Baggit has created a lot of followers among the younger generation of India. Their campaigns and products generally showcase the independent and strong mindsets of women who fight against life on a daily basis.

Baggit’s Aim

What’s The New Campaign?

It’s named #LiveItUp.

This year Baggit’s campaign plunges deeper into picturising the values and mindsets of women from various backgrounds and platforms. The campaign gives freedom to its audience to live up, flaunt it and thus carry forward life in a bold way. Thus truly naming the campaign #LiveItUp.

Live it, flaunt it, own it!

Way It’s Done

The campaign was exclusively shot at locations in London by photographer Avinash Gowariker in collaboration with top advertising agency, Famous Innovations. Such a step was taken to give the campaign an international touch and make it more bold and elegant. The campaign was launched across various platforms starting from Print Media to Social Platforms.

Baggit, like always has chosen a variety of textures, designs and prints to do justice to their campaign. Vibrant colours like blue, pink, orange and many more are used keeping in mind the various consumers in the market. The range comprises of shoulder bags, totes, haversacks, mini sling bags which well depicts their emotions and mindsets.

From The Shoot

Who Said What?

Thrilled about the new campaign, Vicky Ahuja, Director Sales & Marketing, Baggit, said,

“Baggit has always been associated with independent and strong personas to bring out the essence of fashion in its true sense. This season we aim to capture the bold attitude and strong confidence that is an essence of every woman, through our spring -summer collection.

Speaking about their previous campaign, he said,

Looking back to the previous campaign, ‘Play the Life Game’ was all about playing many, whereas our ‘Live it Up’ campaign unveils how various women play their role and personify a whole range of attitudes , tirelessly. Baggit has chosen a variety of luxuriously strong materials, unique textures and chic prints , to bring to life vibrant hues of blues, pinks and oranges to reflect the boldness and beauty of the consumer. The spring summer collection will be available across Exclusive Baggit Outlets from 10th June, 2017.

The collection will definitely urge you to go for saving more and buying these irresistible bunch of products. The products are already available on the shops since middle of June.

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