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Ever Thought Of Carrying A Bag Made Of Basmati Rice? The Desi Public Reacts

| Published on September 12, 2020

Even though fashion trends around the globe have been changing, some of them are bizarre for most people, while fashionable for some others. Every year, a new trend pops up, and 2020 has been far from normal as well. While we talk about the weird and unnatural, someone made a tote bag out of a basmati rice sack! That is right! We believe it was a glimpse of the ‘Make in India’ movement implemented by PM Narendra Modi that a lot of our country’s citizens are following. We think this is innovative! Check out this tweet.


The funny part is this sack of a tote is being sold online for $15 which is approximately Rs. 1100. We get the sack free with a kilo or two of rice, but someone increased the stakes on an online website and the lucky buyer surely would not recognise the value of the same! Don’t you think the price should be lower considering this initiative is eco-friendly?

The reactions to this tweet were hilarious as well. After all, who doesn’t want to see great content?


And we agree too! Considering the amount of rice we consumer generally, we can make our own production and earn quite a lot every month! Just need to find the right customer to sell these to!

Another user came up with another basmati rice packet and exclaimed how she got the bag for free!

Another user searched the web and realised how foreigners were getting badly scammed by whoever created these unusual bags available for sale, at humungous prices!


A fashion-focused user pointed out how this angle was appreciated since times immemorial, worn by Marilyn Monroe once upon a time as well!

If the idea is to reduce, reuse and recycle, then why not? However, we do feel bad for those who might have or would buy these bags for the exorbitant prices mentioned on that website! What do you think about this upsell?

Source: Storypick

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