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ETMONEY’s ‘Aap Ki Jeb Hith Mein Jaari’ Campaign Is The Perfect Reality Check For Everyone Who Wishes To Spend Big This Sale Season

| Published on October 4, 2019

Flat 60% off on your favorite products!

Did the above-mentioned line excite you? We bet it did.

What we can also guarantee is that a tempting appeal with a similar intent happens to be the reason behind a heap of unused products absorbing the dust at your home. It can be a pair of boots you had bought for your trip to the mountains or a vibrant earphone you paid for even when you already had one in hand.

Well, what we tend to forget is the simple fact that the entire retail extravaganza or the sale season is strategized to trigger the inner child of a customer and send them on a shopping spree. The result? We find ourselves stacked up with multiple products that might be of no use to us.

Having said that, it is that time of the year again. With the festive spell knocking on the door, E-Commerce giants like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra (and their equivalents) are all set to sweep you off your feet with deals you cannot refuse.

But this time, we are here to alert you with a warning. Before you go all out with your retail therapy, take a few minutes to think whether the product you are planning to own is a necessity. Because, for all you need to realize, your hard-earned money is precious and should be put to the right use.

Addressing the issue, ETMONEY, an immensely trusted app to manage your finances, has come up with a brilliant campaign. Titled ‘Aap Ki Jeb Hith Mein Jaari’, the campaign features two video adverts that showcase the mournful conversation among products on how their owner never used them.

Both the films have been nailed to perfection by giving them a humorous tone and quirky voices to each product. The first clip revolves around a chat on the shoe-rack where a fresh pair of shoes have been replaced by yet another latest grab. As a result, the veteran members of the rack involve themselves in sorrowful discussions expressing their current state.

Coming to the second film, it sheds light on a pair of Bluetooth Earphones which have been newly bought by its owner. As soon as the device finds its place in the drawer, the other gadgets are seen bullying him over the fact that it will soon turn out to be an object of no value.

Both the superbly conceptualized films have been a masterstroke in delivering the message loud and clear to the viewers. They manage to provide accurate caution to everyone who plans to shower their cash on the e-commerce websites, right before the start of the carnival.

Now, here is a million-dollar question. What do we do with the money instead? Well, ETMONEY also has an answer to your monetary dilemmas. With the app as your guide, you can invest in direct mutual funds, through Systematic Investment Plan, better known as SIP at zero commission. Apart from this, the platform also helps you to manage your money by keeping track of all your spends.

Wow! Wasn’t that a fruitful advice? We hope it was. So, make sure you have one foot on the brake when the luring season of sale hits you hard.

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