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Entrepreneurship Lessons To Learn From Will Smith

| Published on October 11, 2018

Will Smith has been an inspiration for people around the world. He has seen all one can dream of, but the journey to the top wasn’t that easy as he had to face a lot of ups and downs in his career. Since getting his big break on the sitcom, Smith has proved himself as a successful rapper, producer, writer, director, investor and entrepreneur. He made the much-needed transition from television to the big screen, cementing his place as an A-list actor. There are several things that Entrepreneurs in all industries can learn from Will Smith and we are sharing the same in this article.

1. Your public image matters

Will Smith

If you are an entrepreneur, mistakes in your personal life can easily destroy your professional reputation. Making the right decisions at all times is essential. And despite rumors about cheating and divorce, Smith has maintained a pretty clean public image. So, if you face any failure, it is the best time to press the reboot button.

2. When you feel confused, Reboot

Everyone has a bad phase and being in the state of confusion is very common. It is important how you handle yourself in such times. Keeping calm and focussing on the basics is the best thing one can do.

3. Value of disclipline

Planning is very important to succeed. Executing plans properly is the best thing one can ever achieve. Making loads of money is not good enough if you don’t know where you are ending and chances are that you will lose that money son. Smith realized the difference between ‘rich broke’ and ‘poor broke’ and decided never to be poor again. “Rich broke have assets they can sell, poor broke don’t have money to fill gas in the car. Um, they don’t have a car.” he once said.

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4. It is ok to fail

Entrepreneurship is about innovation and trying new things which others are not confident about. There is a big chance of failing several times in entrepreneurship. Smith has failed multiple times but he never chose to quit.

5. Be ready for the change

When running a startup, it is important to know the taste of your target audience and update knowledge about the latest trends in the market. Smith has made regular changes in his career according to the needs of his audience.

6. Give proper time to your personal life

Most entrepreneurs a common mistake of ignoring their family and friends. If you do this, sooner or later you will end up in stress. Spending time with your family and friends allows you to stay balanced and recharge your energy. Smith has managed to maintain a perfect relationship with his wife Jada. He also seems to maintain a loving relationship with his children.

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