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Entrepreneurship Lessons To Learn From ‘Joker’

| Published on May 15, 2020

The title of this article piece must’ve left you intrigued. Gotham City’s popular antagonist, The ‘Joker’, is much loved by his fans worldwide. He is one of the prominent characters of the DC Universe and also the inspiration for your entrepreneurial journey from now on. How can a failed stand up comedian’s journey into insanity be the inspiration for you? Let’s find out.

Remember actor Joaquin Phoneix‘s role as the Joker in the 2019 film, Joker? Even when things felt meek, he had to make it through every day. That is precisely what entrepreneurs have to go through most of their days as well. Whether it’s sunny or just plain dark, an entrepreneur needs to struggle in order to make it to the top.

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Lesson 1: You Are What You Think

Even if the days ahead are dark for you, sometimes you just need to put on those rose-tinted glasses in order to make the situation a little better for yourself. Every entrepreneur has this bout of anxiety from time to time. The best way is to distract yourself from those thoughts even when the world is crashing around you. Don’t let your thoughts get the better of you.

As the Joker said in the movie,

“But these insecurities can be the shadow that can avoid you from being reckless. The darker things get outside the crazier it gets for us in the head. But, we all have the light we need to get us through these times within us; we just need to follow it.”

Lesson 2: Make The Fear of Humiliation Your Biggest Strength

Every entrepreneur fears humiliation.  No one wants to come to a point where they have to face humiliation of having their business down or face extreme losses. But just because life knocks you down does not mean you don’t try to rise up again. Make the horror of humiliation your only drive and move forward in life.

In the movie Joker, when the subway murder takes place, Arthur finds a new purpose to life. Even though it was a twisted one, it got him back on his feet and also made him an inspiration for others who were desperate to do something about their life.

“I didn’t know if I even really existed. But I do and people are starting to notice.”

Lesson 3: Choose Your Moment To Let The World Know About Your Existence

Unless you make a name for yourself in the world, everyone will do everything in their power to bring you down. They will call you different names unless you create an identity of your own. Reach your platform of success through your own terms. There is no stipulated time or pace. Do what is best for you. Don’t react to what other people have to say about you. Once you make it, nothing else would matter.

“Life is all about beating your best and getting better with it every time you do it. So, sometimes you need to cut the noise from outside to hear the voice from within.”

Does any other hero inspire you to become the best version of yourself? Share your story with us.

Source: YourStory

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