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Employee Asks For Leave To Play Game, Boss Says He Is Leaving To Play Himself

| Published on November 2, 2019

The gaming world is forever expanding, going from the PC to laptops and now to mobile phones. One such exciting game is the Call of Duty set, which has now launched its viral mobile setup for millennials to play worldwide.

But then again, while young adults and kids can play on their phones, there are all office goers and working people who try to find that one moment of escape to enjoy COD on their PC. Especially now that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been revealed and the console has gotten everyone on their toes, it becomes all the more important to try out the platform.

Is there anyway out for professionals?

Well, not really. You have to put in work hours and find time for leisure yourself.

But then again, it is the 21st century where nobody ever gives up. Hence, on social media, the COD team started to share a basic template of sorts, which asked for a leave of absence for an employee to play the game.

The letter was funny, sarcastic and very realistically drafted and the best part? It was signed by Colin O’ Duty.

What was the letter?

The letter read: “I am writing to advise _______ is to be relieved of all current duties commencing 0001 hours on October 25. “The circumstances of their absence are of a highly classified nature, hence should not be subject to questioning due to the sensitivity of activities during the aforementioned time period. “Their contribution to the task at hand is of International Importance. You may overhear them discussing preparations for their time away, and we advise that you do not engage. “Please disregard terminology ‘loadout’, ‘sesh’, ‘we on’, ‘no scope’ and ‘them Ws’. As a citizen, this is none of your concern.

Trust me, this wasn’t the end of it. Even though it started as a joke, one refrigerator engineer named Chris Carter decided to try it out. He sent it to his boss and then got a befitting reply as well.

The reply?

You can kiss my a**! If anyone is having tomorrow off, it’s me.

The story got a lot of laughs when it was shared on LADbible, especially considering how gamer Chris still tries and manages to leave work early to play one round of COD everyday!

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