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Elon Musk Hires Meme Maker As A Social Media Strategist For Tesla

| Published on May 24, 2019

Adam Koszary, the social media strategist behind The Museum of English Rural Life’s Twitter account has been hired by Tesla as his social media manager.

The museum’s twitter account @TheMerl had gone viral last April when Koszary, who posted an old archived picture of a large sheep with unusual horns and captioned it – “Look at this absolute unit” (on International Unicorn Day. 

In the social networking lingo, the term “absolute unit” means anything over-sized and the picture of the large sheep went viral online overnight. The post was retweeted more than 31,000 times and got over 1,11,000 likes.

At the time, the viral meme prompted Elon Musk not only to change his Twitter profile picture to that of this sheep, but also to change his bio to read “Absolute Unit” and also adding the museum’s page to the 84 accounts he follows.

In response, MERL used Elon Musk’s picture as its own profile image.

The entertaining banter exchanged between Elon Musk and MERL’s account landed Mr Koszary in Tesla one year after he shared the famous meme.

Confirming the news Koszary tweeted:

The Royal Academy where Koszary was supposed to join as the social media editor also confirmed the news on Twitter and tweeted, ”Sob! We’re obviously very sad that the lovely and talented Adam now won’t be joining us, but know he’ll do a great job at Tesla,”

They also tweeted about a job opening for backend developer on Twitter followed by a hilarious tweet for Elon Musk that says, “(Hands off @elonmusk)”

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