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Elon Musk Hilariously Threatens Twitter About Deleting His Account

| Published on June 20, 2019

Twitter-savy Elon Musk recently tweeted that he’s deleting his account only to prove he’s just drama! 

Musk who is known to be a tantrum-queen recently got into an argument on Twitter after posting some fan artwork of the character 2B from the game Nier: Automata without acknowledging the efforts of the artist. On being confronted about giving the artist credit Musk replied with a flat “NO” paving way for the unnecessary drama!

Elon Musk

Meli Magali, the artist who had created the artwork that Musk had tweeted also did not find Musk’s act “Cool” at all!

Musk who refused to apologise, tweeted a statement that got many red-faced and followed it by deleting the original artwork tweet and all of his replies. 

The drama escalated when Musk changed his Twitter name to Daddy dot com, made his profile picture an all black image and then tweeted about deleting his account. 

The tweet said, “Just deleted my Twitter account”

Of course, it did not take much to figure out that the account was not deleted as it still appeared online though nothing was tweeted for hours on it. 

Soon coming to his senses Musk changed his name back to Elon Musk and resumed his Twitter activities because there’s no denying about the fact that Musk enjoys attention and Twitter clearly gives him that. 

But well it’s surely time for the Tesla CEO to grow up!

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