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Elon Musk Deleted Tesla & SpaceX Facebook Pages Just For A Twitter Challenge

| Published on March 24, 2018

Facebook is facing huge problems due to the data breach issue. According to reports, data of more than 50 million users was leaked by Facebook and was used by political firm Cambridge Analytica. FB users are showing their protests after knowing the data leak case and Elon Musk is the recent name to join the movement.


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Tweets with hashtags similar to #deletefacebook are very popular on Twitter right now and Musk decided to delete the official Facebook accounts of Tesla and SpaceX just because of a challenge given by a random person. The whole thing started when Elon responded to a tweet by writing What’s Facebook?

After seeing that, a random user decided to challenge Musk and told him to remove the SpaceX page that had millions of followers.

Known for his brave tweets, Elon removed the SpaceX page right away and he did that in minutes.

Twitter was still not letting him go. Users insisted him to do the same with Tesla page too.

It was too easy for someone like Elon Musk who believes in saying things which like doing. Soon the Tesla page was removed also.

It is not the first time Elon has got attention due to his tweets. Last year, he was struck in traffic and tweeted about underground tunnels that can make the transport faster. Months later he began digging tunnels after owning The Boring Company. Before making everyone see the Tesla space event he had tweeted about his wish to send a Tesla in space and he did that in style.

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Elon Musk deleting official pages of his companies can make a huge impact on the popularity of Facebook among businessman as Elon is followed by a large section of the online world and his actions are seen with a sense of motivation. To solve the issue, Mark Zuckerberg needs to do something that can bring the faith of users back

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