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The Eight Indian Companies That Have Made Their Presence Felt Even On Global Market!

| Published on August 16, 2017

With such a huge market and population, Indian companies are leaving no stones unturned to make their presence felt and attract customers and international deals.

On one hand where some companies are trying to make their hold firm in Indian soil creating a huge customer base some are just trying to extend their paws in the international market. India has great multinational giants that are doing better worldwide than its counterparts.

The top transnational companies earned 75 per cent of their total revenues from international operations, held 57 per cent of their total assets overseas, and employed 20 per cent of their overall workforce abroad.

1. ONGC Videsh

One of the largest Indian multinational gas and oil company was found in 1989 from erstwhile Hydrocarbons India Private Limited. Over the times it has become the second-largest exploration and production company in India both in terms of oil production and oil and gas reserve holdings. It now has projects across 16 countries.

Total assets: Rs 25,500 crore (Rs 255 billion)

Assets abroad: Rs 25,200 crore (Rs 252 billion)

2. Tata Steel

The company that was found much before Independence era now is a global name almost. It is among the top ten global steel companies in the world with an annual steel capacity of 28 million tonnes per annum. It now has project over 50 countries around the world. Its acquisition of Anglo-Dutch steelmaker Corus in 2006 with $12.9 billion was one of the biggest acquisitions abroad by an Indian company.

Total assets: Rs 125,800 crore (Rs 1,258 billion)

Assets abroad: Rs 75,700 crore (Rs 757 billion)

3. Motherson Sumi Systems

It was established back in 1986 and is a joint venture between Samvardhana Motherson Group and Sumitomo Wiring Systems of Japan. It manufactures passenger cars and also several automobile parts.It has almost 10 acquisitions in the global market, Visiocorp and Peguform being the biggest ones. It has now market in almost 24 global markets and 11 places in India.

Total assets: Rs 12,000 crore (Rs 120 billion)

Assets abroad: Rs 8,900 crore (Rs 89 billion)

4. HCL Technologies

The fifth largest IT company in India has almost offices in 31 countries worldwide. During 1991 when IT industry was starting to bloom in the Indian market, the parent company HCL Enterprise formed the IT division HCL Technologies after R&D research. It operates across a number of sectors including aerospace and defence, automotive, consumer electronics, energy and utilities, financial services, government, industrial manufacturing, life sciences.

Total assets: Rs 18,300 crore (Rs 183 billion)

Assets abroad: Rs 10,800 crore (Rs 108 billion)

5. Hindalco Industries

It world’s largest aluminium rolling company and one of the biggest producers of primary aluminium in Asia. After the acquisition of Novelis Inc. in 2007, it became the top five aluminium manufacturers in the world. It has now its spread over 13 countries in the world.

Total assets: Rs 88,500 crore (Rs 885 billion)

Assets abroad: Rs 46,600 crore (Rs 466 billion)

6. Suzlon Energy

In terms of capacity, this is one of the world’s biggest wind turbine supplier. It has over 21,500 MW of wind energy capacity installed in 30 countries and operations in 33 countries.

Total assets: Rs 32,600 crore (Rs 326 billion)

Assets abroad: Rs 22,300 crore (Rs 223 billion)

7. Dr Reddy’s Laboratories

Founded by Anji Reddy, it is an Indian Multinational Drug company. The company has over 190 medications, 60 active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Among its biggest acquisition was Betapharm for which the company paid 480 million euros. It has also planned with Pfizer and is looking for discovering patents. Research places are situated all over the world like the US, UK and Mexico.

Total assets: Rs 11,900 crore (Rs 119 billion)

Assets abroad: Rs 5,100 crore (Rs 51 billion)

8. Infosys

In 1981, seven engineers started Infosys Limited with just $250. It is now India’s one of the biggest IT Companies. Now it is India’s biggest IT Company and also third largest software firm n the global market. It has 67 offices and 69 development centres in the United States, India, China, Australia, Japan, Middle East, and Europe.

Total assets: Rs 38,600 crore (Rs 386 billion)

Assets abroad: Rs 10,100 crore (Rs 101 billion)

Not to mention that these companies have done it all to make their global presence and hope they grow stronger each year.

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