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Effective Marketing Tips To Up Your Salon Business

| Published on October 26, 2021

If you are looking forward to starting your own business, starting a salon is one of the safest options. Globally, the beauty industry is valued at $511 billion, and is forever on the rise. It is a steady business which is not majorly affected during economic recessions. And though the business requires good amount of investment, skill and patience, the returns are quite positive and encouraging in the long run.

Just like any business, a salon business too requires effective marketing strategies to make it a success. Let’s see some tried and tested effective strategies for marketing a salon.

1. Create a website


Today, if a business doesn’t possess an online presence, it is as good as non-existent. A website attracts and informs clients about the different services it has to offer. The site should be up-to-date and user-friendly.

2. Use social media to your advantage

Having a proper social media strategy will ensure client engagement and better visibility. Today, social media presence is imperative for any business.

3. Create a brand and upgrade it steadily

How exactly do you want your clients to perceive your business is important, because they will remember, return and refer only on the basis of your business’ brand. So, first, create a brand identity for the business and keep on adding value to it.

4. Easy visibility on Search pages

If your salon doesn’t show up easily on search pages, chances are you can lose a lot of potential customers. So, ensure easy visibility on the net for your business.

5. Take bookings online as well

A lot of people prefer taking appointments online. So, get a good software suited to your needs and take appointments online thereby ensuring convenience for clients.

6. Engage influencers

Influencer marketing is the in-thing these days. For a salon business, it is best to engage influencers at the micro level to spread the word. Good reviews from influencers increase client base

7. Promotional activities during season time

Offer discounts and promotional packages to attract clients. People throng to salons during festivals, to look their best. One can capitalize on the influx of customers by offering package deals or discount coupons or additional services at reduced prices.

8. Keep customers in the Loop

The salon business is quiet a sensitive one, literally. It is important to keep the customer informed about the products used o them so as to avoid any major mishap. Also, you can ensure effective retail sales by propagating a few products according to the customer’s needs, thereby ensuring a connection with them

9. Practice re-booking

Always ask a client about his/her next appointment with your salon. This raises the probability of them returning to your salon for additional or even the same service.

10. Upload a salon tour video for your online presence

It is important for potential customers to know what your salon ahs to offer. People somehow feel and remember better when shown a particular product than just being spoken to about. In this case, a salon’s physical aspect is its place and if that is shown to customers, they will instantly feel a connect when they visit your salon.

11. Encourage reviews from clients

A very important tool that ensures business improvement and success is customer review. Reviewing helps in seeing what the business can do to constantly upgrade and offer better services to its clients.

12. Promote your Employees

Employees can be brand ambassadors for a salon. Involving them ensures employee engagement, which directly increases productivity. When employees are motivated and feel a sense of belonging with the business, they automatically play a direct role in getting you more business. Train them and ensure that everything they do, adds to your business’ brand value.

Advertising in local newspaper, giving incentives to salon employees, partnering with other brands and organizing salon specific events are other effective marketing strategies to help increase business volume and brand value among existing and prospective clients.

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