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Durex’s Latest Video Ad On #MeeToo Is Going Viral & Twitter Is Loving It

| Published on October 11, 2018

When it comes to making ads on instant topics, there is no brand which can compete Durex right now. The advertising team of this condom brand has made a habit of making creatives which spread the brand message in a way that the public loves the most-humor.

#MeeToo trend is going viral from last few days and it has revealed some shocking incidents of harassment faced by people working in media and entertainment industries. The situation has become so vital that some social media posts have made the CEOs of well-known companies to leave their jobs.

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Durex took the benefit of this situation by making an advertisement based on the latest trend and people are just loving the creativity and originality this video. Here is the ad we are talking about:

We just love the idea of the text “Before you even think about it, get CONSENT” in the video. Also, the caption “Ask for it. #TimesUp” is apt according to the current situation.

Users on Twitter loved the creativity of the brand and praised for the idea. Here are some selected tweets showing the same:

Kudos to your content

This is simply amazing

Hats off !!

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