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Durex Yet Again Proves Its Marketing Skills With A Witty Wish On Children’s Day

| Published on November 14, 2018

Every year, 14th November is celebrated as Children’s Day across the country. Brands make the most of this day by launching inspiring campaigns that are not only made for children but also for the adults to greet them by providing feelings of nostalgia among adults.


Durex is one brand that has made it a habit of surprising the audience every time with its creative content on social media. It has successfully emerged as a brand that interacts with the audience and promotes its products in a way that the public likes to engage with its ads.

On the occasion of Children’s Day 2018, Durex yet again came up with something witty. Durex tweeted an image showing condoms and text reading “Playtime is better for grown-ups” with a caption We kid you not. #ChildrensDay #HappyChildrensDay

The condoms have been shown in a way that they look like balloons and we all know how much we used to love balloon in our childhood. This is yet another example which shows how original the Marketing team of Durex is as everytime they come up with something fresh and relatable.

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Other brands should learn that for impressing the audience, the most important thing is being original and post content based on ongoing events.

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