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Durex Yet Again Impresses With Its Creativity By Posting A Tweet For This Diwali

| Published on October 26, 2018

Durex doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to posting witty posts on social media for the recent happenings. It has raised the bar of creativity for Indian brands as every time it posts something, fans get so excited that they can’t stop themselves from commenting.

Festivals hold a big importance for brands as it is the time when people are most likely to buy stuff. The festive season has started in India and Diwali i.e the biggest festival of the country is around the corner. Durex has tried making the most of this occasion by combining the ongoing debate of crackers vs no crackers and has brilliantly pitched their product to the public.

In their own hilarious way, they created a contrast between firecracker and condom and ever deserve one seems to be loving the post. Durex took to Twitter and posted the creative with it, they wrote- the only fireworks you’d need in your bedroom.

Durex has mocked the decision of not allowing firecrackers after 10pm perfectly and has given the audience a new option to celebrate the festival. Here’s how people responded:

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