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Durex’s Creative Tribute To Yahoo Messenger Will Make You Go Nostalgic

| Published on July 18, 2018

Durex is popular for its creative and witty ads on social media. It has impressed today’s generation by making them feel open about using condoms. There are several examples which show why Durex is becoming the Amul of condom brands.
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Yahoo Messenger which holds an important place millennials lives has officially announced to end its services and everyone is suddenly feeling nostalgic about it. The company has said that lack of popularity has made them shut their services as online chat has transformed into a very new form now.
Durex tried to connect with its fans using a creative tribute to Yahoo Messenger. Durex made a video which shows what Yahoo Messenger meant for internet users back then.

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Yahoo Messenger was trending on Twitter and Durex took complete benefit of this by getting the attention of fans. We love how creative and quick Durex’s marketing team is as it never disappoints fans and encourages other marketers to promote their products with relatable and trending content.

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