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2 minutes read

Durex Take On FaceApp Challenge Is Hilarious

| Published on July 22, 2019

Social media has been taken over by FaceApp challenge that is making audience see their older version. As it happens with almost every trending topic, brands come with creatives around the topic advertising themselves. This is same with the FaceApp challenge and we even shared the best posts by brands over FaceApp challenge.

What makes Durex different brands is its witty content on social media and once again the condom brand has come up with something that is too hilarious to ignore. Durex took to Twitter to share an image of what Durex condoms would look in the year 2069 in which the other side of the picture shows the pack of Durex condom look a little different.

The left side of the image shows a pack of Durex condom- how it looks right now in a dark blue pack. Whereas, the right side has the condom pack in white with a tint of pink. We can see”Pleasure has no age” written below the condom pack, and we guess you know all know what it means, right! The caption “There’s something about growing old together. #FaceApp #FaceAppChallenge” makes it a perfect combination.

Have a look at Durex’s FaceApp challenge tweet:

Isn’t it amazing and perfect marketing trick? Well, just for a discussion, did you know FaceApp isn’t new and it had gone viral in 2017 also.

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