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2 minutes read

Durex & Mad Over Dougnuts Had A Funny Exchange On Twitter.

| Published on October 20, 2019

Brands have been using various ‘viewer engaging’ marketing techniques recently. Through social media, brands have been able to engage a larger audience and promote their brand through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Whether it has been rival brands engaging in an online banter or just brands being their funny & quirky self, brands have become more socially active than ever.

And when it happens, it is surely a treat for the viewers to read.

One such incident happened recently. On October 16, Durex and Mad Over Donuts took to Twitter on World Food Day and got engaged in a quirky exchange.

The exchange of tweets began after Durex India tweeted a photo of a glazed doughnut with the copy “Feeling like a snack? We’ve got condiments”.

The condom brand was marketing its lubricant gel through its twitter handle and wrote, “Bon Appetit. To buy Durex Play Massage 2in1 Lubricant Gel, click on #WorldFoodDay #FoodPorn

Mad Over Donuts replied with another interesting tweet, saying “@DurexIndia I can assure you, we’ve got better toppings than that.”

What followed was some fun, witty banter where both the brands took shots at each other with smart comebacks. It was not deliberate, but initiating banter with a brand like Durex was bound to be fun.

Twitterati took great pleasure as Durex India and Mad Over Donuts continued with their highly entertaining exchange of tweets.

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