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Do’s & Don’ts Of Writing A CV If You Want To Get Hired

| Published on March 4, 2018

Having degrees with good marks aren’t enough to get a job in the corporate world. It requires a lot of additional skills which we mostly ignore. Good communication skills, knowledge about the company and a professional looking Curriculum Vitae are the pillars of achieving success in an interview.

Before going to a personal interview, it is your CV that speaks on your behalf and it can play a vital role in helping you get hired. You must be very clear about your approach in writing a cv. It should be easy to understand for the recruiters.

Things to do While writing a CV


1. Keep it simple and easy to read

If you make the design of your CV too complex then it will give no benefit because the purpose of a CV is to reveal why the company should hire you and if it takes too much time to read no one will care about it.

2. Keep it according to the role

Try to add maximum things that show why you are capable of getting this job. Adding too much personal information will not help you. Write technical skills and your corporate experiences if you have any.

3. Always keep your CV neat & clean

You will think about why this is important, but it tells a lot about your personality. It shows how serious you are to get a job. Proofread everything twice, try to avoid all the grammatical mistakes and use good quality of the paper.

4. Use positive words

No one likes to hire someone who is depressed and full of stress. Use words that show your positivity and how you will help the company to do better.

5. Write the important things first

The things that show why you are capable for the job should be written up front.

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Things not to do in your CV


1. Tell a lie

Don’t ever try to write a lie in your CV, it can have the worst impact on your image.

2. Handwrite Your CV

Never handwrite on your CV. Even if there is a mistake, don’t edit it using a pen or pencil.

3. Make your CV too long

In this busy world, people don’t have time to read about your life and all. Don’t add unnecessary information and try to avoid making it more than two pages long.

4. Mention Money

Don’t write your previous salary and salary expectations. These things showcase that you just care about money. Salary should not be discussed in the interview stage.

5. Use acronyms and technical terms unless asked

Adding technical terms is a good idea but don’t overdo it unless it is essential.

We hope these tips on writing your CV will help you to get a job. For more useful stuff on corporate and marketing world, keep following us.

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